“Enjoy the beautiful flowers without being bound by time.”

Preserved flowers are 100% real and natural that have gone through some reliable preservation touch up, thus retaining their suppleness and textures while being able to last a longer period of time.

Some people prefer preserved flowers as they can be enjoyed for a much longer period of time. You can either placed them in a vase or on a shelf and expect your preserved flowers to last one to three years.

Our advice is to store your preserved flowers in a sealed enclosure like a transparent container or glass box, they’ll last even longer — up to 3 years!

Here are some benefits of Preserved Flowers:

1) Longer product life cycle than natural flowers.
Depends on the environmental surroundings or storage, preserved flowers’ lifespan is between six to twelve months. Compare the natural flowers which can only last a week or less.

2) More cost-effective and less waste.
A longer life cycle means fewer expenses on replacing the flowers. Especially for those businesses like the hotel’s front desk and restaurants decorations where they have to throw away the dying flowers and replace new ones regularly.

3) Product adaptability.
We can change the color of the flowers to suit different occasions.

4) Don’t have to follow the timing.
We don’t have to be constrained with time pressure when it comes to preserved floral arrangements. The flower arrangements can be prepared any time before the collection or delivery and still look fresh as new ones.

To some people, preserved flowers are more reasonable in terms of pricing than natural flowers. That depends on everyone’s own preference.

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