Soap flowers are beautiful hand-made soap look just like real flowers and use it as a perfect gift for someone or a lovely treat for yourself.

With the soap flowers, we can have a warm and relax bath by adding a few petals. The flowers will dissolve in the water and become colorful water with a great scent. It will also leave our skin soft and smell good.

It’s a unique flower gift for someone you loved or respect.

It’s designed in beautiful and practical soap petals that come in the shape of real flowers lookalike. We can either use them decoratively in our favorite dish or apothecary jar to fragrance bathroom or use a few petals as a single use soap for cleansing like handwashing.

Suitable for everyone in pedicure and bath.

Here are some benefits of Soap Flowers:

1) Their product lifespan lasts longer than natural flowers.
2) Every soap flower is assorted with beautiful floral scents.
3) The soap flowers come in many colors with attractive styling and smell lovely. Hence, they are very suitable for decoration in your washroom, toilet, kitchen, and others.
4) It is very reasonable in pricing and unique as a gift.
5) Also great for bathtime.
The soap flowers will dissolve in the warm bathing water by just adding one or two soap flowers. It will leave our skin feeling soft and smelling good.

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